Face To Face Consultations From October 19th.

I will be re-opening the clinic for face to face consultations from Monday 19th October. Due to recent personal circumstances my availablity for face to face will be limited initially to Monday, Wednesday and Thursday during school hours.

However, I can be available to do a virtual consultaiton outside of theses hours but it will need to be pre arranged by contacting me directly.

Any face to face appointments will follow the Bridge 38 Physiotherapy Covid 19 policy which can be found in your confirmation appointment email.

Can I run with pain?

If we sustain an injury most of us know or have heard of the acronym RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation).  We are led to believe that rest is an important component in order to help the injury heal.   However,  recent evidence and research now challenges the RICE phenomenon and in particular the rest element.

The question many runners or sports which involve running have is; can we run whilst we have pain?  For most of the runners I see in the clinic I aim to keep them running to some degree, but there are a number of factors to consider before I can make the best decision.

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